No Answer Horror Game – Full Version

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No Answer is set inside a huge cave in which terrible things have happened. Players will have to relive fragments of the house’s history, each of them dragging them closer to what’s behind the dark history of the place. Players will witness firsthand how people died in the terrifying house.

The game takes place in a abandoned mine in year 1988.. Many of them died brutally, in this mine.

No Answer is being developed since January 2017 and was announced in 31 October 2018. The players play as Gordon, who is tasked against time to investigate the mine but he woke up and he forgot how he got in mine its surroundings to uncover the dreadful truth. The game uses an atmospheric soundtrack that also gives hints and clues to alert the players about the dangers lurking in the house. The game has been said to feature multiple endings and the developers state that it’s not an easy game, taking about 8-10 hours to complete the main story.

Full Game – Released!

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